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26th September 2003

7:27pm: FIC!
so, okay, i was watching pet Rescue on tv and i got this idea for a fic so i wrote it and i hope it turned out ok it's quite fluffy and cute i hope you enjoy it!


title: animal atraction
pairing: domlij 9of course!)
rating: pg for fulff
disclaimer: i don't think this happened. maybe it did. autie will now.
summary: when the boys get a pet, not evertihng goes smooth

Animal AtractionCollapse )


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9th September 2003

1:00am: Author: CharchuseGigi87
Title: A Miracle Baby 3/?
Fandom: LotRiPS
Pairing: Dom/Lij
Rating: PG-13

Hey guys. :) Sorry it took so long for me to write this and it's kind of short, but I had writer's block in the middle. Thanks for all the great feedback. I hope you like this chapter as much as the first two. Please R&R!

Chapter 3Collapse )


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3rd September 2003

11:53pm: Author: CharchuseGigi87
Title: A Miracle Baby 2/?
Fandom: LotRiPS
Pairing: Dom/Lij
Rating: NC-17

Wow. I can't believe I finished this so fast. I am really inspired on this fic. Anyway, this is NC-17 slash so please don't read if you are offended or if you are underage. Haha, even though I'm underage, too. But I have to say that. :) Thanks for the reviews on chapter one. Please R&R!!

Chapter 2Collapse )


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6:34pm: Author: CharchuseGigi87
Title: A Miracle Baby 1/?
Fandom: LotRiPS
Pairing: Dom/Lij
Rating: PG-13

Chapter 1Collapse )
Current Mood: excited


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22nd August 2003

11:03pm: [anon_believer's lj]
Hey everyone, here's a fic I wrote a little while ago! I dont know were I got the idea, it was like it just came to me out of nowhere! I think maybe it was Lij sending me messages ;) lol anyway tell me what you think!

Author: Chardonnay
Title: Have you're cake and eat it
Rating: NC-17 (omg i wrote porn!!!)

Have You're cake and eat ItCollapse )

so, what do you guys think huh? is it good? omg i cant beleive i wrote that!!! R&R!!! XX


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19th June 2003

10:09pm: You know, I think I've been quiet for too long.

There is just too much nastiness in this fandom and it needs to stop.

The trolls on HWR and the jerkers on circle_jerk are RUINING this fandom.

That's right, RUINING it. This fandom used to be fun before they came along and started mocking everyone.

And why do they mock us? What do we do wrong? Because we support two boys in love? Because we care about people? Because we support people, even people that we don't know? THAT'S why they mock us?

These people disgust me. They really do.

Why can't they just leave us alone? They're like cockroaches! All over the place spreading their mock. Ugh!

Honestly, I bet they were all nasty sorority bitches in school. And I really have to wonder if they got pleasure out of pulling the wings off butterflies when they were young. How else to explain their behavior.

Can't they just ignore us? Let us sit in our little corner and get happy and squee over photos of the boys?


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2nd June 2003

9:46pm: SHRIEK!!

Hollyweirdos is CLOSED!!!! LOOK!

Those motherfucking PR shithead bastards closed us down!!!!

Current Mood: fucking pissed off!!!


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